What to Expect on Your First Visit


Your first visit requires a full exam. This time allows your doctor to gather your medical history and exam information in order to serve you better. This will take 45-50 minutes.


We offer x-ray services on-site, which saves you both time and money. We recommend x-rays on most new patients or new injuries. It's the only way to see what's happening below the surface. Your doctor will talk to you about this during your first visit and you can discuss any concerns that you have at that time.


Paperwork is a nuisance, but it's necessary. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete your paperwork. To make the process faster, please download your needed forms and bring them with you to your appointment.

Special Offers

You may be interested in the information on our special offers page as well as our Facebook page, so be sure to "Like" us on Facebook to learn about current offers, winners in contests, announcements, health information, photos and more! (The offers on Facebook are sometimes different from the special offers page that is here on the site.)

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